"We brought Monica in to recommend appropriate furniture & carpeting to restore the interior of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Public Library, an International Style landmark in Washington DC. Monica provided our client with authentic replacements for key areas. She found alternatives with the same character - but at much less cost. This allowed the Library to return so much more of the public space to the original appearance than they ever imagined. Needless to say, our clients were delighted with the results." 

- Emily Eig, President  

EHT Traceries, Inc. 


"Monica addressed several different Georgetown projects creatively, efficiently, and with great sensitivity to the diverse settings in which she worked. She brought a unifying theme to suites of modern offices housed in a historic Gothic building, giving us a distinctive, attractive entrance in an otherwise bland setting. Her work on the Dean's Residence, where official college entertaining takes place, shows effective use of color in keeping with historic Georgetown structures -- to the great satisfaction of the Dean's family who lives there." 

- Richard Cronin, Associate Dean 

Georgetown University  


Monica brings an open mind to all projects, develops strong design concepts as projects evolve, and refines these ideas as a member of a team. She is comfortable coordinating designs with structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers, as well as with architects and builders. Her ability to work hand-in-hand with owners, architects, engineers, and contractors strengthens projects and allows sophisticated designs to become reality -- with less effort than might otherwise be necessary.  

- Marc Fetterman, AIA 

Marc Fetterman Associates 


“MF Studio transformed a dowdy mid-'80s lobby into a light and pleasant contemporary setting with minimal change - only flooring, plantings, and art which complement the existing materials and made it unnecessary to gut it and start again.” 

- N. Leslie Olson, RPA, Asst. VP 

The Chevy Chase Land Company 


"Monica has many years' experience with very demanding commercial clients. She sees herself as a partner in the design and execution of a space. Her vision is extraordinary. At the same time, she is sensitive to budget and offered creative solutions no one else thought of."  

"Monica helped me to develop a sense of my own style and to articulate it. Somehow she got me to consider new possibilities -- with delightful results. "  

"Her background in architecture was very helpful. Her work gave me a space in which I can function well and beautifully. She truly exceeded my expectations."  

- Karen Kosiba Edwards, CFA 


"I am delighted with Monica's excellent design work in our offices. She changed our space from drab to stimulating and inviting. We are proud of the space now. It's boosted staff morale and the image of our organization." 

- Irv Katz, President & CEO 

National Human Services Assembly 


"Monica added value to our office in multiple ways. We love working in the space now, which contributes to employee morale and client confidence. Our office is envied by all who visit. Our clients always comment, "what a great office!" Truly a win-win situation. We could not have done it without Monica's eye for detail and ability to see the project through to completion - she did a wonderful job. We're grateful we found her." 

- Jim Roumell, President 

Roumell Asset Management, LLC 


"Monica is comfortable dealing with people. She communicated her ideas without overwhelming us. She made great suggestions, recognized issues that we had not seen before, and provided excellent information that helped us make choices. She was right time and again, but never forgot it was our project. There is no question - her ability to work with us and our client was a significant reason for this project's success." 

- Emily Eig, President 

EHT Traceries, Inc.